Improving lives in Hue, Vietnam through microfinance, water security and livelihood support programs. 

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H4H Programs 


Creating lasting change.


Hearts for Hue works to improve the lives of resettled villagers living in the Thia Thien Hue Province in Vietnam through community development programs focussing on health, education, sanitation, water access, environmental awareness and household economic development.

These programs impact communities by approaching social issues, such as poverty and physical or mental disabilities, by creating economic opportunity and increasing community support.  Programs are focused on improving the lives of women, children, and individuals living with disabilities. 

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Microfinance Loans for Women

Micro-finance loans are small loans given out to individuals who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. H4H's loan program allows low-income and disadvantaged women to attain small, unsecured loans to be used to start businesses, breed livestock, and generally improve livelihood. 

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Community Service Program 

Hearts for Hue organizes volunteer student groups to spend time improving the educational environment for rural kindergartens in Hue, Vietnam. Groups carry out activities such as building fences, courtyards, and garden beds as well as english language classes and recreational activities aimed at cross cultural exchanges.  

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Water conservation and Environmental Project

Resettled communities around Hue still lack access to fresh water and proper water sanitation practices. In partnership with Rotary International, H4H implements clean water projects that consist of bringing fresh water access to these communities, building hygienic latrines for residents, and teaching on water conservation and sanitation.  

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Disability Support Program 

Hearts for Hue provides direct assistance to people living with a disability by offering livelihood support projects aimed at job creation. Participants are given the knowledge and tools to farm animals, leading to food stability and a steady income. Individuals also are given the opportunity to contribute to their community through farming, resulting in an increase in social acceptance. 

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Locally run. 
Award winning NGO. 

Hearts for Hue addresses the communities needs on a local level through sustainable community development programs and environmental initiatives. Our award winning NGO is run by a small staff made up of Hue's most compassionate and talented do-gooders.  

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